Saturday, September 25, 2010

Theory On Life Part 1

My first blog post, this should be fun.

When i say i have no looked into this from a scientific standpoint and only from a purely hypothetical, how it made sense in my head, standpoint.

What IF?
before humans
before life
before earth
before galaxies
(before god)
there was nothing. 

and in that nothing
a spark happened
and in that spark, an atom and a molecule collided.
and when that atom and molecule collided. it created another atom and molecule
eventually, this happened so many time it start to create galaxy dust and basic forms of carbon
the atoms and molecules that were still colliding where now combining and in diffrent ways. creating new things.
and then those things combined with different ways to create new and different things.
now different stars and planets are created by the big bang theory.
stars and plants and galaxies of near and far have been and still are being created
and on those planets, atoms and molecules and still combining to build different forms of life 
and so on and so on and so on and so on.

Its evolution in the most basic principle.

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  1. makes sense to me man, its really the only way that life could just happen all of a sudden.